Digital Marketing Strategy

A marketing campaign without a plan is like wandering blindly in the open sea - you might reach your destination, but you can never be completely sure.

Digital Marketing Strategy from A to Z

Crafting a Clear Value Proposition

We create a value proposition that clearly distinguishes the service, product or brand from its competitors. We also help articulate the value proposition in an attractive way and effectively reach the intended target audience.

Audience Research and Personas Development

Before starting marketing efforts, every brand should know who their target audience is. If it's not yet clear, we help identify the target audience based on various digital data.

Market and Competitor Research

By offering a brief insight into competitors and their activities, we help businesses gain a competitive advantage. Our data gathering from public digital sources enables us to identify opportunities in the market and competitive landscape.

Discovering the Right Channels

Digital marketing can be expensive, so it's important to think carefully before expanding into each channel: how much resources do I have and where should I allocate them? We help find the answer to this question.

Content strategy

We create abstract and concrete content plans that help streamline digital marketing efforts. The plan can be executed by an in-house specialist or we can create the content according to the plan.

Marketing Metrics and Performance Evaluation

Marketing is mathematics. By loving data and analyzing it with a fine-toothed comb. We'll also help set up ways to collect data from various sources to uncover new opportunities for your growth.

Set a Clear Goal in Sight

Kui midagi teeme, siis põhjalikult. Õpime tundma sinu ettevõtet ja aitame seada õiget kurssi.